ADS1115 Hub

The ads1115 domain creates a global hub so that you can later create individual sensors using the ADS1115 Sensor Platform. To use this hub, first setup the I²C Bus and connect the sensor to the pins specified there.


ADS1115 16-Bit ADC. Image by Adafruit.

  - address: 0x48

Configuration variables:

  • address (Required, int): The i²c address of the sensor. See I²C Addresses for more information.
  • id (Optional, ID): Manually specify the ID for this ADS1115 Hub. Use this if you want to use multiple ADS1115 hubs at once.

I²C Addresses

In order to allow multiple sensors to be connected to the same i²c bus, the creators of this sensor hardware have included some options to change the i²c address.

  • If the address pin is pulled to GND, the address is 0x48 (Default).
  • If the address pin is pulled to VCC, the address is 0x49.
  • If the address pin is tied to SDA, the address is 0x4a.
  • If the address pin is tied to SCL, the address is 0x4B.